iMagic Ball 3D

Ever wanted to be a diviner? Want to have an insight into a future? Want to solve your problems? We have a solution!

iMagic Ball is incredible application that will help you with every problem in your life. If you are not sure about your decisions – just ask a Magic Ball – you'll get an answer!

Life is hard. Decissions are difficult to make. Without any outside help you can get into trouble. But we can not allow that. Feel free to use our life-changing tool!

Extra features:
★ 3D view
★ Dozens of different answers
★ Help in every situation in your life
★ Unlimited usage
★ Secret predicting the future algorithm from Eastern Europe

Don't waste your time – make your life easier!

Application 3D effect works the best when iPhone is tilted down.

Shake your iPhone or touch the Magic Ball to get an answer for your question. Touch the question to hide it and start again.