Safe Camera

When you take a photo your location is saved with it. Do you really want it?

People may read your location info and in example read your home address. Doesn’t it feel uncomfortable?

Have you ever had a problem with people knowing your location? Don’t want people to know where your photos was taken? Want to be sure your photo will never be tagged with location?

We have made an app which solves your problems. With our camera you will never show your true location. You can hide it or set to other location and address.

If you want:
- hide where your photos were taken
- hide your location
- convince your friends you were in different places all over the world
- be sure nobody will read your address from your photos

Our application is made just for you!

- hiding location info
- delete EXIF data
- changing location info to any place in the world
- 9 cool photographic filters
- auto save to photo library
- as simple as standard camera app
- iOS 7 design
- completely free

So don’t waste your time, start using the safest camera app!